SACEM Motto: “Revive Thy work oh Lord” Habakkuk 3 vs. 2


Profile of His Grace Senior Elder Apostle Prophet (Dr.) Joshua Adesanya Oguntuga (JP)

God’s General - Profile of His Grace Senior Elder Apostle Prophet (Dr.) Joshua Adesanya Oguntuga (JP) - A Mighty Man of Valour  

Our father in the Lord Joshua Adesanya Oguntuga was born into a Christian family in the year 1932. His father, fondly called “Aba Power”, was the village head while his mother was a princess. He attended Saviour Anglican School, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria and finished Standard six in 1953. His mother was very wealthy but she was struck by a deadly sickness in 1940. The sickness was so serious that she was taken from one spiritualist to the other until 1949 when God took total control.

All the while, Baba’s education had to stop due to his mother’s illness and the eventual death of his father. However, in the year 1949 (after his mother had been healed) our father in the Lord went back to school. When he finished Standard school, the eldest son of his mother, who was working in the then U.A.C in Lagos, asked him to come over to Lagos from Ijebu-Ode to work in the company. Baba was doing well in the company but he was forced to return to Ijebu-Ode due to some unforeseen circumstances. While in Ijebu-Ode, he found it difficult to get a good job prompting him to decide to go into teaching. In the year 1956, Baba decided to attend the Teacher’s college. Life was very difficult then because his mother was still recovering from her illness, so sustenance was challenging with help not coming.

After graduation from the Teachers college, Baba proceeded to obtain N.C.E and Advanced Diploma at Ibadan. After obtaining his N.C.E in 1964, Baba was transferred to Lagos because he was one of those students who performed well. On getting to Lagos, he worked at Ikeja, Igando, Idimu, Orile Agege and Ojokoro. He was transferred from Ojokoro to the School Management Committee (S.M.C.) where he spent about 6 years before moving finally back to State High School, Oyewole. Baba retired in 1991.  

Baba describes himself as not so rich but by His grace God has been merciful because He always provides in a way he does not expect. When Baba retired for instance, he was not receiving more than 1600 Naira per month for an officer on Level 12 Grade 5. Our father in the Lord is a generous individual who touched and is still touching the lives of many.

Baba Oguntuga’s Ministry started in the year 1932. He was born into the Anglican Communion. So, as an Anglican he was baptized in 1937 by the Late Rev. Oyetola who later became Bishop. However, during his mother’s sickness the family went to a Cherubim and Seraphim Church where she eventually got healed so his mother insisted that the family remain there. As such Baba became a member of Cherubim and Seraphim Church Ogbo, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria. In Baba’s words, the God of Cherubim and Seraphim saved his life in the face of diverse spiritual threats. Today our father in the Lord is the Head of his family with the grace by God for him to possess all his possessions denied him at the initial stage of his life.  

The first Church Baba Oguntuga attended when he moved to Lagos was Cherubim and Seraphim El-Bethel Shiloh, Agege in 1965. After going round Baba discovered the Church was the biggest within the vicinity. In 1969, he was the Financial Officer of the Adult Harvest Committee of the Church. Baba eventually left Shiloh at the tail end of that same year as directed by God.   

Baba was involved in trance for the first time in 1963. Before then, he used to make jest of those that call themselves “Visioneers” thinking they are just deceiving people. But when he got involved he was in trance for 3 days and he did not know anything until he came back. It was after his return that people told him that he had been in trance for 3 days. At a time, Baba’s Church Prophet told him and others that they can develop that Spirit and be more inclined. For that reason, a 7 day vigil was organized but only 3 persons, including our father in the Lord, got the Spirit. In that same year, Baba Oguntuga and others (about 50 individuals in all) were to be consecrated as “Aladura” at a service on Mt. Canaan in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State. While on the queue, someone amongst the elders stood up and pointed at the first and middle persons stating that they are to be anointed as Prophets and that they would be recognized as such internationally. This prophecy certainly has come to pass. On Baba’s return people started calling him a Prophet, even at Shiloh, without telling anyone of all that transpired. That was how his Ministry actually started.  

Baba would always tell the story of a well in Magbon, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State which at first sight appears empty without the possibility of getting a bucket of water from it. However, if you read Psalm 24 into it 7 times the whole village can fetch from this well without exhausting it and whatever you use the water for acts quickly like magic. In those days people came from London and every part of the world to fetch water from it. The well is still there today.  

After Baba Oguntuga’s exit from Shiloh God asked him to stay at home and that He will send someone to call him to where he will work for Him. God told him precisely that 3 people will come for him. In January 1970, 3 people came from one Elder Adesola of Christ Church Oke-Ayo with a message that he wanted Baba Oguntuga to come. Thereafter, our father in the Lord met Elder Adesola who asked Baba Oguntuga to team up with him so that they can develop the Church. Then there was no structure but a tent made of roofing sheets. As at that time, there were only about 5 to 10 worshipers. That year, the month of April to be precise, a structure was erected starting with the ground floor. The building had to be extended on 2 different occasions to accommodate more worshipers. However, God ministered later to Baba Oguntuga to lift the Church building up to what it is today (1983-1989). How Baba became the administrative and spiritual leader of the Church was a miracle because he never envisaged it. Elder Adesola before his demise was the head of the building section of the Lagos State Ministry of Works. He just woke up one day and started complaining that he was tired of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church and he moved his family out. Unfortunately, that heralded his problems and he later died in 1977. Then the mantle of leadership fell on Elder Shittu. He also died later and I was next in line and that was how I became the head of the Church.  

On the path to Baba’s emergence as the Chairman of Lagos District Church Council (LDCC) Agege, Baba Sobowale of El-Bethel Shiloh of blessed memory was the Chairman at inception. The then Superintendent and Supreme Head of the Sacred Cherubim and Seraphim Church (Baba Alakoso) was very happy with Baba Oguntuga because of the role he played in the building of Oke-Ayo Model Parish, Agege. In 1979, he was ordained by the then Baba Alakoso as Special Apostle and Baba Alakoso insisted that Baba Oguntuga must be one of the executives because of his activities and measure of wisdom endowed by God. That was how he became a member and representative to the national headquarters at Orita Bashorun, Ibadan. He was always putting in his very best. When Baba Sobowale became ill and could not attend meetings, Baba Odubela (also of El-Bethel Shiloh) was chosen in his place while I was still a member and representative. Baba Odubela too became indisposed and Baba Akindele (Elder Apostle T.A. Akindele JP) of El-Bethel Shiloh was nominated to deputize for him. However, Baba Akindele declined on the premise that he does not know much of Ibadan and Cherubim and Seraphim Church administration, so I volunteered to assist him. Later on, 4 persons including Baba Afuwape (Senior Superintendent Apostle Prophet G.S. Afuwape), Baba Bashani (Senior Superintendent Apostle Prophet A.O. Popoola DD), Baba Akintola (Late Superintendent Apostle Akintola) and Baba Oguntuga were nominated. Baba Oguntuga deputized for Baba Odubela but he refused to become the chairman when Baba Odubela passed on. Our father in the Lord tried to foist it on Baba Afuwape who refused the offer. Baba Bashani and Baba Akintola also refused to serve in the capacity of chairman. Based on these refusals, the mantle of leadership as chairman of Lagos District Church Council Agege fell on Baba Oguntuga by the choice of the people. Baba Oguntuga describes his experience as LDCC Agege chairman as very good. Although it is not easy being a leader, our father in the Lord has been doing his best to make sure everyone work together in the face of challenges.  

In terms of Baba Oguntuga’s achievements as district chairman, more Parishes have been created and Ministers-In-Charge of Parishes in the district have been well oriented on the fact that the Church is not a business organization and that whoever wants to find means of livelihood should go elsewhere rather than exploit the members of the Church. Also, more emphasis has been laid on evangelism as both indoor and outdoor revivals and evangelism drives have continued to hold. Baba Oguntuga’s continuous advice to Ministers-In-Charge and the Cherubim and Seraphim Church in general is that everyone should be very faithful and committed to work for God and not for money. As regards the issue of tithe, Baba always advice that Ministers should follow strictly the doctrine of the Bible and not put their entire personal burden on the income of the Church. Our father in the Lord is a strong supporter of the district’s Central Youth Fellowship (CYF) and encourages the involvement of youths in service and Church activities as they are the future of the Church. He is also the Grand Patron of the Sacred Evangelistic Ministry (SACEM), the evangelism arm of the district council.  

Like David said in Psalm 84 that the greatest happiness is in the house of God, Baba Oguntuga’s own happiness is also in the house of God. When our father in the Lord is in the Church praying, singing and dancing, he is usually very happy to the extent that he forgets every earthly thing. All his worries and aspirations become a thing of the past immediately he sets foot in the Church. Baba’s favourite song is “Okan mi yo ninu Oluwa”.

Baba Oguntuga desires to be remembered for his service to humanity and God Almighty. He always desire to render free service and help those in need or trouble. To the best of his ability, Baba has been rendering service in this manner. His attitude and style of leadership have continued to earn Baba Oguntuga great admiration from far and near, from all those who know him.

No doubt, the legacy of His Grace Senior Elder Apostle Prophet (Dr.) Joshua Adesanya Oguntuga (JP) would subsist for a long time.