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“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear” – Hebrews 11: 3, and “This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes” – Psalm 118: 23.        

The manifestation of the Sacred Evangelistic Ministry popularly called by its acronym SACEM in physical realm was borne out of the great commissioning of our Lord Jesus Christ, the captain of our salvation who commanded that we should go out and make disciples for Him. Consequently, Jesus Christ had planted in the minds of the youths of the District the diverse ways of promoting evangelism based on the discussions in times past. While the spirit of God constantly wanted Senior Apostle Oluwasola Oyewole to spear head the establishment of such an evangelism driven body, he looked forward to seeing somebody who will do it. He always complained to the Holy Spirit like Gideon did in the Holy Bible.

The first District Harvest Thanksgiving Service under the Chairmanship of Most Special Apostle Bola Odubela, now a Superintendent Apostle, created an everlasting impression on the mind of Senior Apostle Oluwasola Oyewole. The revival aspect of the programme was anchored by the General Superintendent of the Sacred Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Nigeria and Overseas, His Eminence Most Elder Apostle Prophet (Dr.) Solomon Adegboyega Alao, JP (Baba Alakoso Imole II). It was an open air crusade. Although Senior Apostle Oyewole was elated, his spirit was troubled by the fact that by the following year the open air crusade could not continue due to some constraints.  

Consequent upon the ministration of Senior Apostle Oyewole at the three (3) days revival programme of L.D.C.C Agege Harvest (tagged “God of all possibilities”) from 6th – 8th August, 2004 he deliberated with Pastor Prince Kosygin Oluwole Adetule and Prophet Taiwo Adeleke on how the youths can move evangelism forward in L.D.C.C Agege.  

On Sunday 10th August, 2004 which marked the grand finale of the District Harvest, the Preacher of the day and Patron of the Sacred C&S Church, Orisun-Ayo Model Parish, Alimosho, Most Special Apostle E.O. Oyeneyin (now a Senior Superintendent Apostle) spoke on the need for members to give their money and time for the promotion of evangelism in our Church. Immediately after the thanksgiving service, Evangelist Yemi Oguntuga conferred with Senior Apostle Oyewole on what could be done to light the fire of evangelism which was becoming dim in L.D.C.C. Agege. Together with Evangelist Bola Akindele, the three individuals deliberated on a plan of action. A meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 12th August, 2004 at the Sacred C&S Church, El-Bethel Shiloh Cathedral, Agege (State HQ.). Some other youths across the district, including Pastor Kayode David, Pastor Shola Bankole (then Co-ordinator General of the Central Youth Fellowship LDCC Agege), Prophet SOS Akintola, Prophet Taiwo Adeleke etc., attended this meeting.

By the 19th of August, 2004 the body had contacted some Elders in the District Church Council to seek their blessing. Those that were contacted were the Chairman of L.D.C.C. Agege – His Lordship Superintendent Apostle Pro. J.A. Oguntuga JP (now Senior Elder Apostle); His Lordship Senior Superintendent Apostle (Dr.) T.A. Akindele JP (later elevated to the position of Elder Apostle) – Minister-in-Charge of Sacred C&S Church, El-Bethel Shiloh Cathedral, Agege (State HQ.); and the Co-ordinator of the District Council – Senior Superintendent Apostle T. Ogunmesa. The Elders were so happy with the conception of the body and assisted in its safe delivery. The body was unanimously approved at the general meeting of L.D.C.C. Agege on 23rd August, 2004.  

In a meeting at Shiloh Mercy Land (1, Ojekunle Street, Amoo, Agege) the body was christened Sacred Evangelistic Ministry (SACEM) by Senior Apostle Oluwasola Oyewole out of the suggestion made by Pastor Kayode David that the body be known as Sacred C&S Evangelistic Squad. Three officers were later appointed by members to manage the ministry. They were Bro. Abraham Oluwasola Oyewole who later adopted the title “Christ Chief Messenger” instead of “President”, Bro. Bola Akindele – General Secretary, and Bro. Shola Bankole – Treasurer.  

To God who has sustained the body and made it to flourish is the Glory. Kudos must be given to all Ministers-in-Charge, all Life Partners, Partners with Christ, the entire members of L.D.C.C. Agege, Guest Ministers who had honoured our invitation in times past and others too numerous to mention. The contributions of the Chairman Evangelical Committee of the C&S Unification Church of Nigeria & Overseas, Special Apostle Akin Owolabi (now the Secretary General) is quite commendable and appreciated. The sacrifice and commitment of members have also helped to sustain the body. 

As at today, SACEM has organized numerous zonal revivals, open air crusades and participated in numerous evangelical programmes within and outside Lagos State. The maiden revival organized by the body was held at Sacred C&S Church, El-Bethel Shiloh Cathedral, Agege (State HQ.), between 20th and 24th October, 2004.  

To the God of St. Moses Orimolade Tunolase be the glory.      

The Sacred Evangelistic Ministry (SACEM) as a product of the enthusiastic desire of a group of youths to implement the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28: 18-20) and as a movement aimed at reinvigorating the gospel flame set aglow by the Founder of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Saint Moses Orimolade Tunolase, has the following as her Aims and Objectives:  

  1. To propagate the gospel of Christ Jesus within and beyond the Cherubim and Seraphim Church LDCC Agege.
  2. To make all activities of the Church Christ/Biblical-centred and ensure the eradication of all forms of ungodly acts.
  3. To promote the undiluted biblical doctrines of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church.
  4. To contribute to the development of all constituents units of the Church such as Youth Fellowship, Central Choir, Good Women, Army of Salvation, Prophetic Ministry etc.
  5. To organise revivals, crusades, symposiums, workshops etc. so as to win souls for Jesus Christ.
  6. To collaborate with other groups with similar aims and objectives.
  7. To promote the unity of all the Unit Churches/Parishes in the District Council.

To God be the glory, we can say along with Apostle Paul that we are what we are by His grace. God in His infinite mercy has used this Ministry to accomplish the following:

  1. Organisation of hundreds of revivals within and outside Lagos State.
  2. Training of Church workers.
  3. Organisation of Annual Open air crusade tagged “PENIEL” since 2005.
  4. Organisation of Super Lenten Service and Super Sundays in our various Unit Churches/Parishes.
  5. Promotion and supervision of Sunday school in all unit churches.
  6. Airing of Television Evangelism programme tagged “TIGBALA LOJU” on LTV 8.
  7. Fostering of the unity of the Church by Organisation of various soul winning programmes.
  8. Publication of soul winning magazine titled “SALVATION GONG” and prayer bulletin tagged “COVENANT SEED”.
  9. Convocation of periodical stakeholders meeting as medium for sharing opinion and ideas towards enhancing the growth and development of component Parishes and the District Council.
  10. Organization of Ministers Fire Conference for training and re-training of Church workers.

Nevertheless, we desire to press forward by submitting ourselves to the Captain of our Salvation, Jesus Christ, in the following areas:      

  1. Spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ through radio evangelism.
  2. Setting up of “WE CARE UNIT” to cater for the needy among the brethren.
  3. Establishment of “CHRIST FOOT SOLDIERS” to embark on early morning cry and bus evangelism.
  4. Aggressive publication and distribution of Christian tracts.
  5. Organisation of a bi-annual Ministers/Workers conference to train and re-train Ministers of God and Church Workers.
  6. Providing scholarships to people wishing to study in theological colleges.
  7. Re-strategizing our Church growth programme for better result.
  8. Developing a special Sunday School Manual for Children in our Churches.
  9. Acquisition of a 36 Seater Toyota Coaster bus for evangelism.